Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We're Backkkkk!

We are back! We had the MOST exciting time at the World Tea Expo 2012 in Las Vegas. We got to meet a ton of venders and made a lot of new friends! We got to sample so many different kind of teas, I even have some new favorites... Going to the World Tea Expo 2012 was such a great experience! We took home tons of new information, samples and overall a new understanding of tea and its benefits.

We had the BEST tour guide, our wonderful cousin Stacy who lives in Las Vegas. We had the pleasure of going to dinner with her on Friday night and she even showed us around Vegas. We really enjoyed seeing her!

Here are a few pictures from our trip...

Mom & Dad waiting on our delayed flight out of Huntsville on Thursday. Awe so sweet!!

Las Vegas!! I took this from our balcony. It was so HOT!!

World Tea Expo 2012... so excited!!

It's official, we're registered!

James Norwood Pratt is the author of Tea Dictionary. The newly completed and now definitive Tea Dictionary includes all principal kinds of tea grown in the world, with a timeline of tea history, maps, and striking photography, principally by Yoon Hee Kim. He was really nice and autographed our book and let my parents get their picture made with him.

Pic 1-Bruce & Shelley Richardson owners of  Elmwood Inn Fine Teas 
Pic 2 - Ben Richardson (Bruce & Shelley's son) and Lois Quilligan also with Elmwood Inn Fine Teas
My parents had the pleasure of meeting them in March when they went to a class they offered - Tea 101. Not only did they gain a lot of knowledge about tea, but developed new friendships along the way. It was good to see familiar faces in Las Vegas.

Mike Johnson with Indie Tea. He and his wife Carolyn own Indie Tea in Las Vegas and have the most amazing smelling lotions, soaps, rubs and teas. It was great to meet them and talk with them a few times during our trip.

Pic 1- Chris with Teas Etc
Pic 2- Chris, Newman and Monique Teas Etc - They were great! We really learned a lot from them and tasted some fabulous tea!

Xing Tea  He was so nice and and really funny! He gave us each a sample can and let us pick from his 14 flavors. Greean Tea with mango was my favorite!

I am so excited about whats to come in the future with the Tea Room and it looks like its all coming together... I had a great time spending 4 days with my parents and sister. We laughed so much and I will cherish these memories from our adventure to Las Vegas.

 More pics to come tomorrow!!

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