Friday, June 29, 2012

Coconut Water

After a hard workout at the gym, yardwork, cleaning the house or just any activity that gets your body moving making you sweat and lose electrolytes. This Coconut Water Powder is exactly what your body needs to help replenish what was lost.

*It's so convenient!
*It's packed with five essential electrolytes for that optimal performance and energy to help you get through your day!
*It has more potassium then a banana
*Over 15 times more than sports drinks
*Preventing muscle cramps and a quicker recovery
*Completely natural without preservatives or added synthetic flavors.

Whether you're a marathon runner or someone that likes to live a healthy and active lifestyle, it's the perfect natural drink for hydration on the go. With all this 100 degree weather lately, we ALL could use it!

$6.95-10 packs per box. Simply mix the powder with water to get a refreshing taste!

In stock NOW!
Order yours today! 256-656-3776 or

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