Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Not just a shell anymore... We're starting to see PLUMBING and WALLS! Its so much fun going to visit the Tea Room every few days to see what is new. It's like Christmas morning! We are hoping for some paint on the walls this WEEK!!! So excited! Here are a few new pics we have.

Be sure to check out our Tea List! It's getting cold outside and what better way to spend a wintry evening than lounging around with your favorite book and a nice cup of tea... Christmas in a cup is YUM!!

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Friday, December 7, 2012

Who's on Facebook?!?!?! We areeeeee... Please go on facebook and "like" our page if you haven't already. We greatly appreciate all your support! More news coming next week about the Tea Room.

 Here is a neat video to watch. It brought tears to my eyes. Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, November 8, 2012


Several weeks ago we hopped in the car on a Saturday and took a trip to Fayetteville, TN. We were on a search for fabric to recover all of the chairs for the dining area in the Tea Room. We found 4 fabulous prints that go together really well. For some reason it didnt cross my mind to take pictures in the fabric store, or of the fabric :( (will post pics soon).  While in Fayetteville we ate lunch at an old jail turned restaurant called Cahoot's. It was pretty cool! I think my kiddos would enjoy eating there. Below are a few pictures from the day, minus my Aunt because she doesn't like her picture taken! :)

As soon as I learn how, I will fix our evil looking eyes in the picture above! :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Ladies and Gentlemen we FINALLY have a door and 4 uh 3 windows! It was very exciting when I got a text from my Aunt Donna lastnight with the proof that things are FINALLY moving right a long... It's only been 217 days, but who's counting?! No, I'm kidding. It has been several months and we are excited to see some progress and can't wait to move in there and OPEN.  ~ Happy Dance ~

Friday, October 12, 2012

181 Hughes Road Suite 6

The Tea Room is coming together slowly, but surely. We went by there last week to check out the progress. Right now it is still croncrete, dirt, rocks and steel beams. Trying to visualize how it is going to look when it is finished takes some immagination. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, we will be in there by mid Novemeber and open sometime in December. Exciting!!!

Here are a few pictures I took using my mad photography skills with the camera on my cell. Oh yeah, I'm high tech like that!

Now we call visualize its awesomeness togehter!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

I've written this post many times. Didn't really feel like sharing it just yet, but here we are
 Thursday, October 11, 2012. It's time I get back up one more time then I've fallen.

August was a very long month for us. As all of you may know by now, my dad Dr.William Terry Barlowe passed away Monday, August 27th, 2012. He was in and out of the hospital over the last month. His heart was just too weak, but he was a fighter till the end. We were all with him at home when he passed. So many emotions running through my mind in those last few moments we shared with him. We all miss him dearly and think of him often. It's still so new and doesn't seem real. One of the greatest things about my family is that in a time of crisis we don't fall apart, we fall together! My mom is the strongest woman I've ever known. She has shown so much strength, courage and grace.

One of my dad's favorite sayings was "Get back up one more time then you fall" and that is exactly. what. we've. done. Saying he was a just great man would be an understatement.  He was so much more to so many people. He touched so many lives in his ministry. He always had an understanding heart and a listening ear. He was a M.O.G walking in the F.O.G. Everywhere he went he would minister to someone rather it be a store, restaurant, hospital, Las Vegas taxi driver or even on an airplane. It didn't matter the place or circumstance. When he left the building someone had heard his story and he had touched their life with his encouraging uplifting words. He was a pretty special guy! It seems like ysterday he passed, yet again it seems like months.

He was so excited about the Tea Room and his favorite tea was English Breakfast. So we will carry on. We are still opening the Tea Room. Plans are still in the works, and we can't wait to minitser and serve tea. :) I know he will be looking down checking in on us with a big smile.

Love you Daddy!

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I was checking the Huntsville Times Newspaper online this morning and found a picture from this past Saturday. I absolutely LOVE my mom's facial expression in this photo! Also, it shows our yummy looking table set-up.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Madison Business Expo

July has been one very busy month for us! Vacations, World Market (Atlanta) and preparing for the Madison Expo.

The Madison Business Expo & Kid's Day was this past weekend. We had a GREAT time! We spent several weeks planning for the Expo and making list after list. Special thanks to everyone that helped us! We couldn't have done it without the help of our family and friends. We made 304 muffins, 294 cupcakes, 6 batches of the yummiest frosting, went through nearly 1,000 cups, made 11 door prizes. Not to mention nearly 30 gallons of fresh brewed loose leaf tea; Strawberry Kiwi, Peach and Raspberry. Strawberry Kiwi was the most popular, several people were requesting we sell it by the gallon. We were able to talk to so many people from our community. We were overwhelmed with positive feedback. It was AMAZING! Top it off we won 2 out of 4 ribbons. It was all so surreal. All our hard work had paid off, all those late nights we spent prepping and list making. We were building a customer base, getting the word out that "We're Coming Soon!". We won People's Choice (orange ribbon) and 1st Place Best Booth (blue ribbon). It was so funny! Here we are working and not even hearing them call our name over the speaker, not realizing we've won until they come bringing us our ribbons. The look in my mom's eyes was priceless when they told her she was 1st Place! Needless to say there was a lot of celebrating going on. It was a very long day, but so satisfying! We can't wait until next year... We're already startng to plan! :) Here are a few pictures of us prepping and a few from the Expo. Wish I would've taken more, but we.were.that.busy.

 Feel free to leave us some feedback! Special Thanks to all those involved, you're the bomb! ;)       

(excuse the quality of the pics, they were taken with my phone)

Mama Nell & Tara making door prizes

My wonderful Aunt Rita

Mom & Mama Simpson

24 out of the 294 cupcakes I baked!

Mama Simpson, Mama Nell and Aunt Rita filling tea samples

One of our door prizes. Our Steep-N-Go is a great item to have for tea on the go! Allows you to steep & drink loose leaf from your water bottle. $5.95 Order Now! You'll love it.

People's Choice Award

Mom, Aunt Rita, Mama Simpson and Mama Nell

Megan, Kara and Abigail (granddaughters) Such great helpers!!

Mom smiling hear to hear, she deserves it!

Mom & Dad,

I am so proud of you! Ya'll are going to do so well with the Tea Room and have nothing but success. I'm so grateful I get to be a part of this journey! All those late nights, loading/unloading, baking and feeling like my legs/feet were going to fall off was so worth the outcome. I can't wait to do it again! :)

Love you both!
- Kristy

*Unfortunately my dad was ill and not able to make it to the Expo, but he was very excited and proud of us all. He will make it next year!!*

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Paris Apartment

Hope everyone had a Happy 4th! We had a great time at my parents grilling and floating around in the pool. A wonderful relaxing day with great food and great company!

A couple of weekends ago we took off early one Saturday morning to Sweetwater, TN. We visited The Paris Apartment Boutique & Tea Room. It was their 1 year anniversary. We had a great time eating lunch and enjoying a fashion show while we were there. I loved their boutique. There was so much to see!  We also walked around and found an amazing Antique Store. Needless to say we did take home a few treassures! Here are some pictures from our day.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Best New Product Award 2012

SteepNgo is a genius invention. It allows you to have your loose leaf tea in a disposable water bottle and steep while you are "on the go". Steeps in just 10 minutes (cold brew). The tiny holes lets out the liquid without the tea leaves. SteepNgo is economical and eco-friendly.

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Monday, July 2, 2012


Mangosteen juice is full of antioxidants, including powerful xanthones. The xanthones in this nutritious juice help to build and strengthen your immune system and re-energize the body. Pure Mangosteen juice is called a “miracle cure” by many natives in Southeast Asia where it is said to cure anything from diarrhea to cancer. They have been using it to treat illnesses for over 400 years. However, these claims have not been scientifically proven in the western world. Some initial research that has been done on Mangosteen juice has indicated that the healthy properties in the fruit can help prevent the onset of Alzheimer’s disease and heart disease. Mangosteen juice is also thought to have characteristics of antibiotics, anti-histamines and can act as an anti-inflammatory as well as having anti-aging properties because of its antioxidants.

Mangosteen is a tropical fruit that is native to Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand. It is also being grown in Brazil and India now for products being sold in the western world. The fruit itself is about the size of an apple and it has a thick rind like an orange, only it is dark purple in color. The fleshy part inside of the fruit is white. It is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C. It is also has minerals like potassium, iron and calcium and a lot of fiber.

Nature's Guru Mangosteen Fruit Powder is all natural and low in calories: while providing a healthy balance of electrolytes and vitamins to keep you supercharged throughout the day!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Coconut Water

After a hard workout at the gym, yardwork, cleaning the house or just any activity that gets your body moving making you sweat and lose electrolytes. This Coconut Water Powder is exactly what your body needs to help replenish what was lost.

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*It has more potassium then a banana
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*Completely natural without preservatives or added synthetic flavors.

Whether you're a marathon runner or someone that likes to live a healthy and active lifestyle, it's the perfect natural drink for hydration on the go. With all this 100 degree weather lately, we ALL could use it!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Scone (bread), a type of quick-bread, typically eaten with jam and cream.
For those of you that aren't quite sure what a scone is; cross between a biscuit and muffin. Not too sweet, but moist and soft.

Recently I was able to bake our scone mix for my guinea pigs co-workers. It is all natural by iveta. We will use/sell multiple flavors. A few flavors we will have is Cranberry Orange, Blueberry, Strawberry and a few others. I made Cranberry Orange a couple of weeks ago and Blueberry this morning. They were so delicious!  All you need is the mix and 16 ounces of heavy whipping cream. Whips up in a matter of minutes. Easy peasy!!

Scone Mix

Add Heavy Whipping Cream

Mix together. Look at those plump blueberries!!

I spoon drop mine, but you can roll out and pie cut them if you wanna be fancy

Wallah... Delicioso!

Easy Peasy!

It made 12 total... My guinea pigs co-workers absolutely loved and devoured every crumb!

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Cranberry Orange

$7.95 per box