Wednesday, May 23, 2012

For as long as I can remember my mom (Vickie) has enjoyed drinking a cup of tea rather it be morning, noon or night. I remember her making hot tea for me as a small girl (sugar + carnation milk= YUM!). She and my dad have visited many Tea Rooms in the past years and she has a love for collecting teapots and teacups. It was no surprise to my sister (Tara) and I when our mom announced her wanting to open a "Tea Room" of her own.

Since January our parents (Terry & Vickie) have been hunting for the perfect location for their new adventure, collecting information, visiting several Tea Rooms and getting to know their owners, going to "Tea School" and overall just learning all they can about tea in general. It is exciting for my sister and me to see them not only find a hobby in their "golden years" let alone a business, but sharing this experience with them. All four of us will be flying out to Las Vegas next week for 3 jam packed days at The World Tea Expo! Can you say EXCITED??

1. I love to fly, but better than that I get to be with three of my favorite peeps!
2. I've never been to Las Vegas and I'm looking forward to seeing the fountains at The Bellagio Hotel.
3. Seeing my parents so excited about their business and learning all we can about being successful.

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